Pre-Conception and prenatal care

As experts in health, nutrition, exerise, and family planning, it is best to start preparing your body before you are even pregnant. Please come see us to talk about what you can do now to give your future it's best start.

When you do get pregnant, we walk with you through your whole pregnancy and can help support you through your body's changes, the joys, and the discomforts.


Labor and Birth

Midwives support healthy, low-risk, physiologic birth. Labor and birth are a transformative journey in a woman's life that we only get to go through a handful of times. Our job is to support you in your desired birth experience, whether that means you want unmedicated or an epidural, and help guide you and your baby safely through birth.


Postpartum and well woman

Our care doesn't stop after birth. We are also able to care for your well woman needs across the lifespan for annual exams, family planning, and common health conditions. We love to watch your family grow.

We currently provide our services out of Estrella Women's Health Center and are attending births at Banner Estrella Medical Center.