September 29, 2019

Postpartum Nutrition


You might be surprised to learn that nutrient needs in the early postpartum phase and especially while breast-feeding are higher than when you were pregnant. Technically

you’re still growing a baby your baby is just outside of the womb. That means nourishing yourself should remain a huge priority. Healing tissues that have been stretched torn or

cut require plenty of proteins, especially the amino acid’s glycine, and protein would help our body to make collagen. Furthermore, energy needs to go up during recovery from

birth; this is not a time to go on a diet for cut calories or try to restrict her food intake. For the most part, you can continue eating the way you did for pregnancy through the

postpartum phase with just a few modifications. Try eating hearty stews soup’s and curry are made with bone broth high iron high-protein foods high healthy fats, foods rich in

omega-3 fats iodine-rich food, slow, soft cooked vegetables, and well-cooked starches. Source lily nichols.

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