Birth Story

March 1, 2020

Birth Story Emmeline Grey

       I had some expectations for our third baby, mainly that she would come early simply because my body had already done this twice. As the last few weeks came and went and I hadn’t spontaneously gone into labor early (even after several membrane attempts), it became apparent my OB would most likely not be able to deliver due to her schedule. Rather than having the other OB on call deliver, I requested the midwives be called instead and I am so happy I made that decision! I have fallen in love with all three of them.
       As my due date came and went, I walked and walked and walked in hopes of starting some contractions and finally went to the hospital the day after my due date. I had been preparing for a completely drug free natural birth and after 36 hours of pre labor contractions and 14 hours of active labor contractions, my sweet little third born was facing outward and all that hard work had not helped to dilate me but rather attempt to turn her. I was exhausted. I was feeling defeated. My back ached, thanks back labor : ) My contractions had started coupling and tripling and I was no longer getting a rest between contractions.  I consulted with one of the midwives about getting an epidural and she knew my wishes to have a natural birth and that I had prepared my birthing team to tell me no when I asked for one. But we all knew this wasn’t a throwing in the towel on natural labor moment. She advised me that an epidural had the potential to slow down labor and could make this an even longer process. It could also help my body relax enough to dilate and get the baby turned so I could delivery without intervention. Mind you, after 14 hours of active labor I was still only 5 cm…. I opted for the epidural and after waiting two hours for the anesthesiologist to finish a c section, I finally got some relief. I was able to rest and slept for a few hours and woke up dilated to almost 9 cm!!! BUT little miss still hadn’t rotated, so for the next few hours, The team tried different methods to rotate her so I could start pushing. Just shy of 22 hours after going into active labor, our third born, Emmeline Grey entered the world two days past her due date at a healthy 8 lbs 3oz. Tracy was a dream to deliver with and if number four is in the cards, it will be with the midwives again ♥️

Cari Alexander 

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