You might be surprised to learn that nutrient needs in the early postpartum phase and especially while breast-feeding are higher than when you were pregnant. Technically you’re still growing a baby your baby is just outside of the womb. That means nourishing yourself should remain a huge priority. Healing tissues that have been stretched […]


September 15, 2019


  Yoga is a beneficial practice for pregnant women. It can help with anxiety, discomfort, and is a form of exercise. Here at Modern Day Midwife, we suggest that our patients participate in a movement practice for at least 30 minutes per day. Yoga is an excellent option. You may go to a yoga studio, […]

                                                        Occiput Posterior Presentation Occiput posterior is a common fetal position that is associated with labor dystocia. That means labors that stall or have trouble progressing normally. It […]

One of the fun things about this site is that we want you to be able to share in the birth stories of the mamas and babies who come through our care. What better way to start than with the first birth story of baby Jackson, my son whom Tracy caught a year ago. Let’s […]

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